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GTA: San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod

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GTA: San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod

I think the patch for the game may disable this "mod."


The final game in the Grand Theft Auto 3 series didn't settle for just a mere nude patch and instead opted for full on sex... sort of. The same download allows for two options: Straight to the action, giving you all girlfriends and automatic "hot coffee" after each date, OR gameplay friendly which gives you the uncensored action when you earn it like the good cop-murdering boyfriend you are. So what IS it exactly? It's a minigame, where you match up and down controls with CJ's movements. If you go for the gameplay friendly version, make sure you copy over the script.img file somewhere in your game directory to get the nude skin.


Also of interest is that Rockstar claimed to have not put this in the game, but they most likely did, and then locked it. They blame hackers for creating this modification. I guess they want to avoid contraversy if they can help it. But it's clearly a minigame with the exact "style" as the other minigames in San Andreas. The "hackers" only unlocked it. Unfortunately moronic politicians used this as a talking point, blaming the game for harming our children with pornography. Don't they know you can kill cops in this game?


Download Hot Coffee Mod Topless Mod Here

GTA: San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod