Naked Skins

Thief 4 Nude and Sex

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Thief Nudity

In the fourth incarnation of the Thief series, there is developer-placed nudity in a part of the game where it is perfectly natural for it to be. The House of Blossoms. Because it's a brothel. Below you can see bosoms blossoming breastfully.


But it gets better. There's quite a bit of sex too, presented in a most voyeuristic fashion. The scenes are R-Rated at most, nothing out of place in any HBO or Showtime show. Or even the FX show The Americans, which shows as much sex and nudity as possible on cable minus the nipples. I guess I'm already defending the game's use of simulated sex, at least in the US, should it become some type of political issue. But The Witcher 2 and now Thief 4 have added some much needed adult vibes besides violence.


The less nude skins and sex mods we have to add ourselves, the better.