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Elizabeth Nude

Sorry, it hasn't been created yet. There are a couple fakes floating around out there in the hopes of getting you to complete surveys or worse. They use mock up graphics (like the one below) as "proof" of the mod's authenticity, instead of in-game screenshots. I can't say 100% that they aren't real, but it is very unlikely. So don't fall for it. If you can't help yourself, then let me know what you end up with after all the ad clicking and survey taking.


Why hasn't it been created? Apparently the game is very difficult to mod. I'm sure it will happen eventually so bookmark this page.


Contact me IF you made one or found one.


Here's something interesting. Apparently male gamers testing the game before release were wondering where the naked Elizabeth scene was, and when told there was no such thing, they asked if there would be in the full release.


"Irrational Games, BioShock Infinite developers, continue to receive over 300 e-mails per day asking for an inclusion of a naked Elizabeth in some form." [dec 13-2012]

What it might look like:


Concept Image (source)