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June 2015 Guide for Sex, Rape, and Jiggly Nudity in Skyrim.

Categories on this page : PHYSICS :: NUDITY :: SEX

Quick start: I am using this CBBE mesh with this texture with this bouncy boobs physics mod (requires this mod well)
and this face replacer

:: SexLab Full Mod Index ::

Essential Mods

For Sexlab mods, which this guide is based around, you will need these essential files. If you just want naked skins and a simple sex mod, get the Nudity and Physics you want, and then Animated Prostitution. If you want much more advanced sexual content, rape, companions, BDSM, tons of positions, then you need Sexlab (more on that down below). And the following prerequsites:


Mod Organizer - Stop installing the mods manually and use a mod manager. There is also NMM (Nexus Mod Mngr) but I prefer MO. This may mean you have to start over, I would even recommend a clean install of your game (my 5 year old save was still intact when I started the fresh install), or take the time to transfer your mods over to MO. You will probably have conflicts among mods but you will be able to rearrange/deactivate mods as needed. Scroll down for technical things. Simple solution for the "No game data on top level" message (when you install some mods)

SKSE - Skyrim script extender, always the latest version on this page, needed for Skyrim Modding.

SkyUI - everything uses it and it's a great UI - way better than the vanilla

Unofficial Patch - community patch for Skyrim

FINS - (some base animations) - You will need to run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe every time you add or remove animation mods. See Technical Shit near the bottom.

XP32 Maximum Skeleton - helps with advanced body structure for animations.

ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer I don't know what the fuck it is but you need it.


You will probably need these files as well:

Zaz Animation Pack



Recommended to make your sexperiences much more pleasurable

No More Old Women - If you don't want to see old ladies with hot boobs, you might want to install this (and make all your female NPCs young and hot).

Face Enhancement or Better Females - Much more attractive female faces on NPCs. (I prefer the first one)

Fuz Ro D-oh - Allows for text dialog to carry out naturally, as though the characters were speaking. Necessary for some mods to function right.

The Joy of Perspective makes your body visible in 1st person and Enhanced Camera makes the view work better and no longer forces to third person. Both of these mods enhance the viewing experience during sex scenes.


I recommend setting your FOV around 85 via the console (~ tilde button and type FOV 85)


You have two suggested options available. The jiggling occurs during sex but also while girls are walking around town (with compatible outfits), or naked, their tits move around realistically. It's nice. These are mostly for the bouncy boobs and both seem to work pretty well (both mods that is). You may notice some jiggly butt cheeks as well, but that doesn't always happen or is pretty subtle. These both will work with the two skins/meshes sets I'm recommending below, with some experimentation. As you install many of these mods, there will be questions that you answer based on other mods you are using or planning on using, and adjustments via trial and error may be necessary.


1. CHSBHC - BBP - Nude and Jiggly Mod

(best use with UNP skins)


Adds physics to boobs and butts for compatible mods.


The physics allow for the breasts and butt of your character and npc's to bounce and move with animations/armor/clothing made for this mod.
Textures made for CBBE will work with this mod as well, allowing for a wide range of options.


Download CHSBHC BBP for Skyrim


Here you can see the bouncy tits in action, during a sex action (mods used: Sexlab Framework and Matchmaker)



2. HDT Breast And Butt Physics - TBBP BBP Supported

(best use with CBBE skins)


(REQUIRED dependency: HDT Physics Extensions - add this if you want this breast physics mod)


This is the other boobs physics mod.


Download HDT Breast And Butt Physics (TBBP/BBP) for Skyrim


Each physics mod will provide suggestions for compatible clothes and armors. Once you find the mesh and physics mod combo you like, commit to it and add compatible outfits from there.

Skimpy Outfit replacer for use with CBBE and HDT physics.


I love Cleavage CBBE HDT




Here are the two main flavors of Unpretend (UNP) body replacers:


1. Dimonized UNP Female body by dimon99


UNPretend your reality Female Body Replacer. These look fantastic





Download dimonized nude skyrim



2. UNP BLESSED BODY- UNPB REDUX PROJECT by Blessed Redux Project team



Download UNPB body

These UNP skins don't add much in the way of hips (use CBBE for that), mostly boobs, HOWEVER most of the Sex Lab/Lovers Lab sex content recommends UNP, claiming there is more support. Both skins seem to work fine, it's just a matter of preference and which physics mods you are using and how they affect each other. For example each screenshot above (both UNP Blessed) is a different physics mod (sorry forgot which is which), resulting in a different size breast probably because of my installed settings (with the Mod Organizer I enabled/disabled between the varous mods for testing and screenshot purposes). Good luck figuring all this shit out motherfucker.


Calientes female body mod Big Bottom Edition(CBBE)

I was hoping for a longer title but what can you do. These are really nice and curvy. The breasts and nipples look great, the boobs and ass are large and nice hips. There are MANY options for customization, not the least of which are three different body types/sizes.



BoneTown Action Adventure Porn Video Game



Mod's description "This is a Skyrim body replacer that replaces the base female body with one that is a little more curvacious."


Download CBBE Skyrim nude skins

This is the texture I am using right now with CBBE mesh plus HDT Breast And Butt Physics:


Here's a better variant of the CBBE with nice pubic hair options (the only way I could get a good texture/mesh with pubic hair using Mod Organizer. If you don't use a mod manager you will find more pubic hair mods available that can only be installed manually).


CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible


I specificially used this one:


CBBE skin texture v1_8 hairy trimmed body PATCH


It says it's a patch so I think it applied to my existing CBBE situation. It seems to have replaced the whole skin however, and looks better (don't be fooled by the dirty looking bodies on the mod page)


Naked Men with Soft/Hard Penis


If you want a skin for men with a working penis, get Schlongs of Skyrim. This will apply to male characters including yourself (as female nudes will apply to female player characters). The schlong is flaccid and moves about realistically, gets hard and soft where appropriate, very realistic. You need this if you want to see intercourse obviously.



And for the lady in your life.... Schlongs for females (UNP) . There are SexLab mods that feature dick girl/futa scenarios that are beyond the scope of this guide at this time.




Now the fun begins. This is where you will get a wild assortment of sex, romance, and rape animations, mods, and story lines.


The Sexlab Framework will lay the foundation for the hundred or so mods that use it. But first, let's review, do you have these NECESSARY mods first?


SKSE - Skyrim script extender

SkyUI - Replacement UI

Unofficial Patch

FINS - Fores New Idles in Skyrim

XP32 Maximum Skeleton

Mod Organizer - (not necessary but highly recommended)


Then get Sexlab Framework here.


All the mods available for Sexlab are neatly listed here

Many of these mods have a special menu added right into the Skyrim Main Menu (probably thanks to SkyUI). This is known as the Mod Configuration Menu or MCM which you will see referenced by these mods often.


Here are some of the SexLab mods I've experimented with so far.

Sexlab MatchMaker - A basic sex mod that allows all the sex positions for you and another NPC, or between NPCs. You cast the added spells on the people you want to fuck or see fuck.



All Nude Play - This provides a magic ring that when equipped by the PC (also available for NPCs), will set a number of variables into play depending on your settings. It can be set to where NPCs strip naked when they are near you, then orgies may develop with or without you. Also breast and butts may enlarge as they strip should you desire. This is great to just get everyone naked and fucking (your choice of males/females/same sex/etc).



Sexlab Defeat v5.1.0 (it is newer than the confusing v5b3.3fixed)


Note there is also Sexlab Submit, which is similar but not as extensive.


With this mod, at the end of combat, there are options where you may be raped, rape the victim, or the same can happen between NPCs as well. You have the choice to set sexual orientations, gender hookups you want to allow, and if males, females, or both are able to rape or be raped.


If you are defeated to a certain point, or vice versa, someone could get violated, depending on your settings. You can experience either role, and in first person with the camera mods I suggested. You may also surrender. There are some dialogs involved that will intitate your humiliation and punishment.


It allows for many rape and sexual aggression scenes to play out. You may sneak up on an unsuspecting victim and attempt to force them into sex. Also works in conjunction with many other mods, like with Alicia below.


Below the player character sneaks up an unsuspecting NPC chick (there is a takedown animation), strips her clothes off of her body, and then chooses to rape her from a popup menu. Then leaves her there on the floor.


Here the player character attacked his female follower, and she defeated him in battle. But she decided to take her revenge another way.



There are tons of options.


Raped by bandits video

A female player character probably lost a battle or surrendered, then gets subject to rape by her opponents, instead of death.



If you want to go even deeper with Sexlab mods, take a look at the BDSM, devious devices, and enslavement mods in this excellent Sexlab Index. I don't have the time to check them all out any time soon, but what can happen as you combine some of these mods, is that a victim of sexual assault has a chance of becoming enslaved by his or her captor(s). You as the player can be the captor, or the slave, as can any combination of NPCs or followers. Depending on a huge amount of settings for these mods, the ownership or enslavement roles can be very immersive and continue for a while. Enslaved characters can be raped or beaten for example. If you have installed this many of these mods from this guide, and you have more time, it's worth a look. I'll delve into it eventually, but it took me years to find a spot of time to devote to the wacky world of Skyrim Sexuality.



If you jumped here out of excitement from the top, I don't blame you, but there are alot of prerequisites to get to this point, and it's worth the trouble, so take your time, go over everything above that you will need, and do it right. Then come back here.


Alicia is a very fun and fucked up hot sex companion. She can be a follower, helping you out in combat and following you around, or just your crazy dungeon slave girl. Fully voice acted, and calls you Master. Some really wacky shit can happen with this one. You can dominate her in a number of ways including using BDSM items, smack her with a whip (or any weapon, she loves it). If you have a rape mod installed like Sexlab Defeat or Sexlab Submit, you may beat her until she falls and then use commands from either of those mods to tie her up or rape her in a number of positions. She might get crazy and attack you then rape you should you lose or surrender.


Among all the existing requirements for Sex Lab, you MUST ALSO HAVE:


Zaz Animation Pack



Download Alicia Painslut here


Note: this isn't the original version of the mod, but it is the sexlab supported, more advanced version. You will find Alicia in a cellar under Hjerim (the Player house in Windhelm). The entrance to the basement is outside the house in the back corner.


Animated Prostitution


A simple mod that allows sex with NPCs. This mod should be compatible with the Jiggly Mods.


Download Animated Prostitution for Skyrim


Sexlab isn't needed for this one, but shouldn't conflict either. However you'll get everything you need and more if you haven't figured it out already, with Sexlab and it's wild assortment of sex, romance, and rape animations, mods, and story lines.



So this will help you get as close to an experience as what I have set up. It gets more complex as we go on, with the screenshots, so start at the beginning and you may not need to follow all the way to the end.


Start with Mod Organizer(MO) (Try the built in tutorial), and make sure you have SKSE installed. There are two ways to install mods with MO - From file(install mod from archive), or directly from the Nexus website. I believe you will need to install SKSE with MO. So download the 7zip archive from SKSE site. And then use the From file option (Install a new mod from an archive). If for some reason that doesn't work then, download the .exe installer from the same site and try that.


Once SKSE is installed - Follow this screenshot:




As mentioned at the top, if you get the "No game data on top level" message when installing a new mod:



Next, whenever you install, remove, or change any of the animation mods, you NEED to run "Generate FNIS for Users." If you aren't using a mod manager, then you can just run the executable of the same name. But if you're using Mod Organizer, you need to Run this file from Mod Organizer. Follow the screenshots:



Next you get the FNIS box, as seen below. Here tick off the 'skeleton arm fix' and run the program. Wait for it to finish and close it out. Then you can run the game. You only need to Generate FNIS when you make changes to animation mods that use it (all of them probably).



You have completed the June 2015 version of my guide for Sex and Jiggly Nudity in Skyrim. Pat yourself on the back. Because you know what I like? You.


Recommended Non Adult Make your life easier Mods for Skyrim


No or low NPC greetings


No Bethesda Intro


SkyRim HD - 2K Textures - Almost all the textures in game redone - make sure you have the system to handle it. A vast visual improvement, highly recommended.


Better Sorting - renames all your potions and shit so you're not driving yourself insane looking for a health potion. Instead of something like

* Falmer Arrow (190)
* Iron Arrow (25)
* Potion of Extreme Healing
* Potion of Extreme Magicka
* Potion of Healing
* Potion of Magicka
* Potion of Minor Healing
* Potion of Minor Magicka
* Steel Arrow (47)

You get something like

* Arrow - Falmer (190)
* Arrow - Iron (26)
* Arrow - Steel (47)
* Restore Health - I
* Restore Health - II
* Restore Health - V
* Restore Magicka - I
* Restore Magicka - II
* Restore Magicka - V


Old Skyrim Nude Skin


Here's the first nude skin released for Skyrim within 17 minutes of the game's original release. Amazing isn't it. Wasn't it. Here for the sake of history. Brings a tear to my eye.


TESV 2011-11-14 19-09-57-18 copyTESV 2011-11-14 19-10-04-67 copyTESV 2011-11-14 19-23-41-22 copyTESV 2011-11-14 19-39-11-98 copy
TESV 2011-11-14 19-50-40-03 copyTESV 2011-11-14 20-03-30-54 copyTESV 2011-11-15 02-15-25-91TESV 2011-11-20 01-54-10-68

Download Skyrim Nude Females (1.5)


If you're playing as a female character, you may strip down at any time and ogle her lovely curves in third person. Or whether you are male or female in the game, you can strip your follower. When you get Lydia (or any other hot cunt follower), it's a nice perk. But followers have a default armor set that can't be adjusted (when you talk to them to access their inventory). Save before you do this, or take away all essential items from her inventory first.


So go into the console. Press tilde ( ~ ) then click on the follower and type


Hit ~ again to exit console


Now Lydia is really there to serve all your needs.


You can reload a save to return your loyal naked follower back to a useful state. Or you can probably just give her a new weapon and she'll stop being publicly indecent and put the default armor back on.