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GTA V Nude Strippers

(Open IV - helpful utility for modding GTA 5)


In Grand Theft Auto 5, you already have nudity in the strip club (there's only the one club). It's not a great texture, but it's already built in. You can play a little minigame to get the stripper of your choice to invite you back to her place for "sex," but you won't see anything. As in previous GTA games, there are prostitutes that you can hook up with in your vehicle, and it doesn't show much but it's more adult than in the past, and the language used (i.e. "blow job") is explicit this time.


So no file to download here, just a preview of what's already in the game. What's missing? Physics! You notice how Micheal's wife and daughter and even girls on the street have bouncy boobs? Would be great if their boobs were applied to these strippers, or the strippers' naked tit texture were applied to the moving breasts of Amanda and Tracey. That's the mod I'm hoping for, but I doubt it will happen.


In the game already:

GTA V Character Editor

So if you want to change your playable character to any living thing in the game, you can, and then you may customize the appearance. Here I tried out living the stripper life, topless, in public.



Get the GTA 5 Character Menu here


GTA V Adult TV Channel

Using Open IV (it may ask you to install some updates so do that first) - Navigate to x64d.rpf | movies | and then replace the "cnt_*.bik" file of your choice. First back up the file by extracting it with the tool. Then rename the file you download here to the file you're replacing. Then select 'Edit Mode' in the top right corner of Open IV. Right click on bik file and select replace - then open the file you renamed from here to that filename and pop it in. Make sure to select File - Rebuild, then close Open IV.


Doesn't work for me - there seems to be an update after I make the change that puts the original files back in?? Maybe you'll have better luck.


Download Adult TV for GTA 5 here


Something Else Later Maybe